Sick and without papers?

The Medinetz Rostock arranges medical help for refugees and migrants without resident permit – anonymous and free.

During our opening hours we can decide together which doctor or medical specialist would be best for you. The doctor will examine and treat you for free – or for a very reduced charge. If necessary, we can also arrange an interpreter. You can also call us outside consultation hours. If you just get the voice mail, you can leave a message with your phone number or e-mail address. We will contact you as soon as possible.

The Medinetz Rostock and its partners respect your anonymity and guarantee that we do not submit any information to the authorities.

The right for medical care is a Human Right – for everybody.

!Due to the current situation no regular consultation hours.
Please make an appointment by phone!

Preferably Tuesday 5pm-6pm

Phone No.

0176 – 32750299

Ökohaus, Hermannstraße 36, 18055 Rostock