Medinetz Rostock

Who are we?

The „Medinetz Rostock“ is a diverse network of students, doctors, and other committed people. We want to assure that people who are living in Rostock without a valid residence permit, are still able to get access to health care. Because health care is a human right!

Since the founding in October 2010, we provide weekly consultations for sick people to hear about their situation and medical condition. After this first meeting, we refer our patients to doctors, who are working together with us and are aware of the critical and challenging situation. This takes place anonymously. We try to accompany all patients for doctors’ appointments and we also provide a translator or help with financial needs if necessary.

Furthermore, we work together with different refugee organizations in and around Rostock to meet further concerns of our patients and to raise awareness in society about migration and the living conditions of refugees in Germany.


Although we are a voluntary organization and most of our doctors are also willing to minimize the costs, we do have expenses for medication, hospital stay, or complex medical examinations.

We rely on donations and are grateful for any contribution.

Our goal

Our work closes a gap in the German health system. Yet it is the government´s responsibility to provide health treatment to all people living here. Together with other organizations and other „Medinetz“ groups in Germany, we try to take up contact with politicians to find a permanent solution for those people in need.